Listopia: Goodreads

Hi everyone! I need your help. Please go to one or more of the following categories on Goodreads Listopia and vote for my book. Thanking you in advance for your ongoing support.

If you are a member of Goodreads, follow these steps:

Step 1:
Log into Goodreads:

Step 2:
Go to Angel Maker‘s page and click “Want to Read”:

Step 3:
Now, cast your vote for Angel Maker on the lists I’ve linked to below.

When each list comes up, thousands of books will be displayed. However, you should see two tabs: “All votes” and “Add Books to this List.” Click “Add Books to this List,” and the large list will disappear and you should see Angel Maker. Now, click the “Vote for this Book” button.

You can cast your vote for Angel Maker in any or all of the following lists:

Indie authors to watch

Judge a book by its cover

Thrillers you must read

Our Favorite Indie Reads

Best Historical Fiction

Recommended Historical Fiction

Beach Reads – Mysteries & Thrillers

Books That Have Made an Impression

Eye Catching Titles

Best Twists


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