Fallingwater – A Trifecta Challenge

The prompt: lucky.


FallingwaterIt all begins with a thought, a question and an ability to act.

“Damn! DAMN!” Edgar pulled the pillow tightly over his head to drown out the sounds of passing vehicles.

“Are you alright, dear?” whispered his wife, Liliane.

“Oh…I didn’t mean to…”

“You didn’t. I’ve been awake for awhile.”

Edgar tossed the pillow into the corner of the screened-in porch. “How long have we been coming up here, 10, 15 years?”

Liliane propped herself up with her elbows. “Twelve years tomorrow.”

“Now, how do you know that?” He lit the kerosene lamp on the table between them and put on his glasses.

“When we bought this property, Edgar Jr. had just turned two. He’s now fourteen.”

“Do you hear that?” Liliane looked at him with a puzzled look. “Quietness! No passing trucks or cars, just the serenity of the countryside and our waterfalls. Remember when it was a summer camp for our employees?” Softly, he stroked the back of her head.  She nodded.  “Damn Depression. Now they can’t even afford the $1 round trip fare by train.

Liliane swung her legs over the side of her cot and sat up. “Yes, we’ve done well, Edgar.”

“Been lucky, too.”

“That too, but it doesn’t hurt having the most elegant store in Pittsburgh.”

“No, it doesn’t,” he replied, smirking.

“What’s troubling you?”

“The traffic noise level since they paved that road… Maybe we should sell?

“Sell Bear Run?”

“Or… build a proper home.”

“We’d need an architect.”


“You’ve already done it, haven’t you, Edgar? Who?”

“Frank Lloyd Wright.”

By 1935, the design had been agreed on and construction of the main house had been completed by 1938. Frank Lloyd Wright incorporated their love of nature and the waterfalls by building part of their home on top of the waterfalls.

“You’re not too disappointed, are you, Edgar?”

“You mean missing the view of the falls? No, not really. It drowns out the sound of the passing vehicles.”

“No wonder you look so pleased with yourself.”


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