My Interview on L. A. Talk Radio

HilldaleOn Wednesday, November 6 at 4:!0 PT/7:10 ET, I was interviewed on the Hill & Dale Show at L. A. (Los Angeles) Talk Radio by Sharon Dale and Lucie Hill. It gave me an opportunity to discuss the writing of Betrayal of Trust, the environmental references that thread through the book and my upcoming article for The Environmental Forum.

I highlighted this environmental thread by quoting the following excerpt on page 5 of Betrayal of Trust:

He had worked the last 15 years to develop a new filtration system that screened out harmful pharmaceuticals from contaminating the water supply.

The above excerpt and its associated references throughout the novel attempt to draw the reader into asking three basic questions:

  1. How do pharmaceutical by-products get into our water system?
  2. What might be its effects? And, is there scientific research to support it?
  3. Is Edward Slocum’s concern about pharmaceuticals contaminating the water supply justified?

Unfortunately, no reader that I am aware of has addressed any of these questions and, as a result, I think the sequel (working title: Gold in the Furnace) must be more pointed in its intent to reveal this growing problem.

My article for The Environmental Forum: Pharmaceuticals in our Water System: A Time to Act will expand on the above questions and it will be posted on this site soon.

So now it is time to sit back and enjoy the Hill & Dale Show on L.A.Talk Radio.,+2013&file=110613


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