The White Picket Fence

The White Picket Fence
white picket fence oneby
B. B. Wright


In rustling of leaves

and beauty of Fall,

stands a quintessential hominess.

A classic perennial charm,

few among the things,

that touch the heart

like the white picket fence.

A simple iconic structure,

its boundary effectiveness assured,

embraces warmth and welcoming

to the weary traveler

who, on homeward bound,

passes through its gate.

White picket fence two___

Time drains through days

as through the body flows.

Where change unnoticed before

slaps against each pore.

Convoluted ripples on fingers

should not be ignored

upon the white picket fence.

Teardrop stains, appeal profusely

upon ash grey blades

that dare to stay

atop on bottom rail.

white picket fence four___

Once resonant with purpose,

like rockets skyward bound,

its blades well tempered.

Winter’s clock winds down;

the fence inward leaning,

its limbs aimless bound

from the lowly picket fence.

Once a cozy curb appeal,

now a patchwork compass

pointing everywhere and nowhere;

its remnants lay about

while eyes’ blinded minds

flounder in Nature’s paradise.

white picket fence six