Challenging Norms, Alternative Realities and Consequences

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road’ll take you there.”
– George Harrison, Cloud Nine

word diceWhen I was looking for a quote to start off this post on risk taking, writing, and an author’s choices,  this quote most affected my natural reflective and introspective self.  At first, I wondered whether it had anything to do with my recent Beatles music immersion with the Cirque du Soleil’s presentation of Love. Maybe it did. Who knows? The point is that it struck a chord in me that I have never considered before, especially with respect to my writing. You see, I’m an organic writer who more often than not starts off a chapter with images (and ideas) then just lets it evolve according to its natural flow. Often in this early stage of my writing, development is more driven by characters and situations than by me. Strange though that may sound, at this stage I would describe myself more akin to a back stage technician critical to the play’s success out front. To me, George Harrison’s quote tells me that it’s okay not to always know where I’m going with a particular chapter or plot because each ‘thought-thread’— different in texture and creative bent—will eventually take me to a location where I should and must be in that particular piece of writing.

Challenging Norms, Alternative Realities and Consequences: Risk Taking Choices for a Writer

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