The Mutton Dinner – A Trifecta Writing Challenge

In continuing last week’s writing challenge adventure, I’ve chosen to also participate in the Trifecta Writing Challenge! For more information on the prompt (and Trifecta in general) please visit their website.

Without further ado:

The Mutton Dinner – A Trifecta Writing Challenge

God! How she had come to loathe him since she had lost her job a month ago.

Lack of money was the only thing he constantly complained about and this evening had quickly gone from bad to darn-right dangerous. She had never seen him so drunk and physically abusive.

Lying on the floor, she wiped the blood from her nose and mouth with the corner of a dish cloth, watching him pace between her and the stove. She feared he would slam his construction boot into her belly; she winced and curled into a fetal position each time he drew nearer.

She carried their first child and she meant to keep it a secret. Tonight would be her last night in this damn house!

When he took his anger upstairs, she rose from the floor.

She had made up her mind what to do and how to do it. His life insurance policy would take care of her for a long time but there had to be no hint of foul play.

Opening the freezer, she pulled out the leg of mutton.

When he returned, he pushed by her and sat at the kitchen table, pouring himself a drink.

His back to her, she had to strike now or never.

The mutton leg hit him with such force that his face smashed against the table.

She dragged his dead body to the top of the cellar stairs and let it fall down to the bottom.

Five hours later.

“What’s cooking, Mary?” asked the doctor.


“Smells great!” said the detective.

Taking it out of the oven, she doctored it with a special blend of spices and returned it to the oven. “Welcome to stay. It’ll be another 15 minutes.”

“Don’t want to put you out,” replied the detective. “Mind if my partner…?”

“Not at all,” she replied, smiling.  “Simply love it.”

“Almost finished,” he replied.

Forty-five minutes later, only the bone of the mutton remained and the doctor took it for his dog.


14 thoughts on “The Mutton Dinner – A Trifecta Writing Challenge

    • There could be a run on the nearby supermarket for mutton legs. Or, did I let the ‘sheep out of the bag’ so-to-speak for an alternative use? Passing the mint sauce at a lamb dinner has taken on a whole new meaning. I hope we all live through it. I’m pleased you enjoyed it. :))

    • Who ever thought the freezer was filled with such a gruesome tool of death? She sure wasn’t ‘sheepish’ about using it. A wide smile was pasted on my face throughout the writing. Thanks for taking the time to read it and providing me with your feedback.

    • A whack up the back of the head took on a whole different meaning. She had no intention to be ‘sheepish’ about making her point. Pass the mint, please. And, I use to love lamb, :((

  1. I’m wondering about myself right now because I found it humorous that he was was clubbed to death with a leg of mutton, which was then served for dinner. (And got a chuckle from the comments above, too :))

    • Me too! I was chuckling throughout the writing of this piece. Now, imagine what you’re going to think each time you see a leg of mutton for sale in your nearby grocery store. For me, it will be a noticeable chuckle.

    • No doctoring of drinks in this one. Her aim was to eliminate the ‘scoundrel’ and obtain the insurance money. By the way, a nice piece you wrote. Do you care to ‘doctor up’ your lamb with mint sauce? Ah! Don’t be ‘sheepish.’ It will taste wonderful. :)) Thanks for taking the time to read it and responding.

    • Until now, I’ve never read Roald Dahl’s “Lamb to the Slaughter.” Thanks for that information. Your time and feedback is much appreciated. All the best!!

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