My Mind’s Eyes by B. B. Wright

Picture is a Thousand Words

A picture says a thousand words but what if I were blind?

Would the photo framed and hanging there keep its words confined?

If I were born that way, how would each image be assigned?

Images formed in my mind must certainly be redesigned.

Touch would guide my mind if I were so inclined.

But distant nature’s best can only be aligned

Through the carefully crafted words on an artist’s canvass assigned.

Gently she takes my hand an elixir in demand

And guides me along the path to the very spot behind

Where shutter and lens defined

That very picture consigned.

Earthy smells and craggy ground combined

Lift my mind to distant echoed sounds entwined

To form complex images perhaps unclear to many in their design.


It does not matter because the picture is solely mine.


Within the Moment- A Trifecta Writing Challenge

In continuing the writing challenge adventure, I’ve chosen to participate in this weekend’s Trifecta Writing Challenge: 33 words written in first person narrative. For more information on the prompt (and Trifecta in general) please visit their website.

Now, for your enjoyment and reflection:

Within the Moment- A Trifecta Writing Challenge

Eyes touch and caress each other across a crowded room engorging my mind with a rush of forbidden thoughts that quickly flutter away to await another dream-scape when I take my child’s hand.