Within the Moment- A Trifecta Writing Challenge

In continuing the writing challenge adventure, I’ve chosen to participate in this weekend’s Trifecta Writing Challenge: 33 words written in first person narrative. For more information on the prompt (and Trifecta in general) please visit their website.

Now, for your enjoyment and reflection:

Within the Moment- A Trifecta Writing Challenge

Eyes touch and caress each other across a crowded room engorging my mind with a rush of forbidden thoughts that quickly flutter away to await another dream-scape when I take my child’s hand.


15 thoughts on “Within the Moment- A Trifecta Writing Challenge

  1. My niece and nephew are always interrupting my chain of thoughts, so I’m kinda familiar with feelings like this (: You portrayed it brilliantly!

  2. Well, I think everyone has missed the boat on his one! It is the kid who attracted the woman in the first place! I know that I can walk down the streets of my town and garner nary a glance. But,walk those same streets with my three or six year old daughter holding on to my hand and let the blizzard of female attention, smiles and waves begin! Being a loving, attentive Dad is, definitely an aphrodesiac for many women. I say, get this lady’s phone number. Take the child home, have a lovely rest of the day, tuck them in warmly with a kiss. Then, get on that phone and let the courting commence.

    • Well said! Small children are a magnet no matter the gender. Add a dog and you’ve got it made 🙂 Thanks for your comments. A laugh much needed at this point of my day.

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